/Jared Leto Lost His Met Gala Gucci Head

Jared Leto Lost His Met Gala Gucci Head

Gucci designer Alessandro Michele and actor Jared Leto! Name a more iconic duo—and I will not wait, because I know we’ll be here forever. Michele and Leto have forged one of fashion’s great friendships and creative partnerships, traveling together, attending events together, and inspiring each other in all things tonsorial, embroidered, and millinered. It was their bond that brought us Leto at the Met Gala carrying his own head, after all.

The latest entry in this alliance was Michele’s exclusive wardrobe for Leto’s tour this past summer with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. To mark the occasion, and demystify the fashions, he agreed to answer a few key questions about putting together these killer ensembles for the stage—and tells us that actually, um, he’s not sure what happened to that copy of his head.

How would you describe the look you wanted for this tour?
We wanted it to be vibrant, alive, and fun. Working with the Gucci gang was an absolute pleasure as always. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of that big, crazy Italian family.


And how did you and Alessandro approach achieving it? Did you look at old photographs, paintings, vintage or antique textiles—what kinds of references were your starting point?
We looked at photographs, sketches, fabrics, colors. When you’re working with Alessandro and his team, it’s always an adventure, it’s always inspired, and the process is filled with a lot of passion and creativity.