/World of Warships: Legends Enters a New Chapter Featuring the Battleship Tirpitz

World of Warships: Legends Enters a New Chapter Featuring the Battleship Tirpitz

World of Warships: Legends continues to make waves with a new update that marks its full release and graduation from Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One.

With a massive storm of new content in the form of German cruisers and destroyers, while the battleships of Germany are now available through to those who play through the “Hunt for Tirpitz” campaign.

World of Warships: Legends places the Tirpitz at tier VII, the highest available tier in the game. She is also the only torpedo-equipped battleship at this tier, like the Gneisenau — her tier VI German peer that becomes available in this update.

World of Warships: Legends

During the Tirpitz campaign, players can gain various articles of naval equipment to boost their battle performance and Commanders. And while we’re on topic of personnel, seven German admirals are ready to offer their services at commanding the new ships, among them such famous names as Franz Hipper, Maximilian von Spee, and Reinhard Scheer.

While the new campaign and the arrival of the German fleet are the main attractions of the release, players can find a challenge to suit their needs. There’s always the choice between a semi laid-back approach battling against AI, to honing gunnery skills and battling against other captains from all over the world.

There’s practically limitless choice in how one can approach World of Warships: Legends. With seven tiers of ships to choose from, distributed across four nations and three classes, alongside 28 unique commanders to stand at the helm, the ship classes offer varied styles of gameplay:

World of Warships: Legends

  • Destroyers are swift and stealthy threats that are usually the first to spot the enemies, allowing others to concentrate their efforts on the spotted targets. Moreover, they can use smokescreens and launch powerful torpedoes, creating deadly traps for unsuspecting enemy vessels. Such torpedo attacks are particularly effective against battleships caught in the chaos of battle. Destroyers also feature small-caliber, rapid-fire guns which can be very capable in the right hands
  • Cruisers are the swiss army knives of warships, being able to both detect and punish destroyers as well as outmaneuver battleships. However, the latter can punish any cruiser in an instant should her captain show broadside or not take advantage by seeking cover behind an island or a friendly battleship. Cruisers can also make use of potent medium-caliber guns capable of taking out destroyers, setting fires, and penetrating weak points on battleships
  • Battleships sacrifice speed and maneuverability for incredible firepower, making them able to send a lone cruiser to the depths of the sea with a single salvo. They can also withstand the most damage from any source; making them akin to shields for their teammates when the situation calls for defensive action

Commanders will lead your ship of choice into battle, supplementing their effectiveness with their variety of skills. You have seven commanders per nation, each of them specializing in a class, but also offering skills that are universal. Players are free to experiment with said skills, as switching them costs nothing and same commander can take as many of same-nation ships to battle as the player chooses.

Commanders can also inspire each other, offering their base traits to combine with the traits of the active commander, providing extra benefits from such combinations.

World of Warships: Legends

Experiment and have fun blending the nations, classes and commanders. Battle it out against realistic backdrops with breathtaking lighting, grandiose soundscapes, and HDR support now available on Xbox One X and S. Feel the rush and experience epic naval action today!

World of Warships: Legends is available now as a free-to-play title for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for details.