/Ids Former Studio Head Tim Willits Now At Saber Interactive

Ids Former Studio Head Tim Willits Now At Saber Interactive

Tim Willits, id’s former studio director, left the company after 24 years last month. At the time of that announcement, he wasn’t saying what his next move would be. Now we know where he’s landed: Saber Interactive, the studio perhaps best known for its work on World War Z, NBA Playgrounds 2, and, perhaps closer to home, Quake Champions.

Saber Interactive has developed a wide array of titles since it was founded in 2001. In addition to some of the games previously mentioned, the studio has worked to remaster Ghostbusters: The video Game onto contemporary hardware and is also bringing CD Projeckt Red’s epic RPG The Witcher 3: Complete Edition to the Nintendo Switch in an upcoming port. Saber is based in New Jersey, and it has additional offices in Spain, Russia, Belarus, and Sweden.

Willits has been an entertaining and engaging industry figure for decades (and former Goldy Gopher!), as he proved in our Rage 2 rapid-fire interview. It’ll be interesting to see what he cooks up next in this new position.

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