/Welcome to Etherborn, a Game Where the Entire World is at Your Feet

Welcome to Etherborn, a Game Where the Entire World is at Your Feet

Hello, Xbox Wire fans! My name is Samuel, and I’m one of the members of Altered Matter – a small studio that’s located in sunny Barcelona, Spain. I want to tell you a little bit about our game Etherborn, a project that we’ve worked on for the last four years of our lives.

Etherborn is an exploration-platformer in which you explore a gravity-shifting world. Here, gravity works in a totally different way to what we are used to. It’s not static – it moves with you, changing the environment around you. Imagine yourself standing next to a wall. You take a few steps forward and suddenly that wall becomes the floor, and the whole world around you has changed position entirely. Because of this ever-shifting gravity, you will find yourself walking across a bridge while glued to its side, circling around the side of a column, and running under a waterfall whose stream is going up towards the sky.


The environmental puzzles that we prepared are a backdrop to a story that we want to tell. In Etherborn, you are a voiceless being that has just been born into a world where a bodiless voice is waiting for you. You don’t know who or what this voice is, but you feel that the two of you are meant to meet. And as you take your first steps, the journey begins and the world around you starts to flip. You will come across bridges suspended in air, ever-changing structures in the clouds, and lands filled with mysteries.


Etherborn is coming to Xbox One on July 18. Seeing our game so close to release sends slight shivers of excitement down our spines. We’ve been playing games our entire lives, and now with Etherborn, we’ve tried our best to create something unique and new.

We hope that this post gave you a decent glimpse into the world of Etherborn. We will be sharing more news as we get closer to release, so if you want to see more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.