/Random: Bandai Namco Thinks Pokémons New Legendary Looks Pretty Familiar

Random: Bandai Namco Thinks Pokémons New Legendary Looks Pretty Familiar

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Unless you somehow missed the bombardment of Pokémon news today, you’re probably already pretty familiar with the newly revealed Legendaries. As it turns out, it seems that Bandai Namco is pretty familiar with one of them, too.

The new Pokémon Sword star, Zacian, appears to resemble a giant wolf which holds a sword in its mouth. It’s had quite a mixed reaction from those we’ve seen talking about it online, but we think it looks pretty cool overall (you can see all of today’s newly revealed Pokémon here).

Now then, those of you familiar with the painful experience that is Dark Souls may remember Great Grey Wolf Sif, a boss who appears in Dark Souls Remastered (and the original release, of course). The resemblance is there for all to see, but we particularly like Bandai’s use of the shield, too.

We very much doubt that Game Freak copied the idea from Dark Souls – we imagine creating a monster design based around a sword can only present so many options – but perhaps the memory of Sif’s fight will make any battles with the legendary Pokémon just that little bit more epic. Can you imagine if Pokémon battles were like Dark Souls bosses? Good grief.