/Share of the Week: Devil May Cry 5

Share of the Week: Devil May Cry 5

Last week, we asked you to pull that Devil Trigger and share your best moments from Devil May Cry 5 using #PS4share and #PSBlog. After going through the very stylish entries, here are this week’s highlights:

Nero leaps into action in this share by @AreeLyBadPun.

Dante moves through the air on the Cavaliere, shared by @Davemead147.

V is cloaked by shadow in this haunting share by @IxionVII.

Nero’s attacks must be swift, like in this share by @virtua_photographer.

V and his nightmarish familiars wreak havoc in this share by @erosfortones.

Dante can’t help but smirk in this share by @gamesphotomode.

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Theme: Architecture
Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, March 20

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