/Become Your True Self in Black Desert, Available Now on Xbox One

Become Your True Self in Black Desert, Available Now on Xbox One

Today is the official launch of Black Desert, the revolutionary MMORPG that brings you a living and shared open world that’s home to thousands of other players. Guided by the Black Spirit through the war-ravaged lands of Calpheon and Valencia, it’s your choice how you’d like to journey through your adventure. Whether you decide to team up with other players to engage in real-time combat, building your life skills through fishing, horse training, and alchemy, or joining a guild – Black Desert gives you the freedom to become your true self, starting right now.

First things first – new players will need to create their own character. If you’re like me, it’s always fun to take the character customization tool to its limits and create something that’s out of this world, but I’d also challenge you to try to make yourself in-game! Once you’ve created a character, you’ll choose from six different classes – Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Sorceress, Witch, and Wizard. While the Berserker and Warrior classes excel in melee combat and health points, those looking for range and mobility should consider the Ranger, Witch, and Wizard classes. If a hybrid approach is more your style, go for the Sorceress – regardless of what class you choose, you can tailor each character to fit your own unique style.

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Our team has worked hard to make sure that Black Desert players can experience a living, breathing, open world where weather effects, time cycles, and different environments affect your gameplay experience. Within each city, you can purchase houses to customize and decorate as well as store items from your quests and adventures. The life skills you build for each character along the way allows you to cook, fish, tame horses, gather herbs, mine resources and much  more. There’s a seemingly endless amount of content for you to enjoy, and we can’t wait to see what our community creates for themselves in the world of Black Desert.

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With today’s launch of the Base Game in addition to the new Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate launch editions, Pearl Abyss is happy to announce that all future in-game content will be available for free to Black Desert players. This means that if you already own the core Black Desert game on Xbox One, you won’t miss out on any additional classes, regions, or any other content that’s added in the future.

We’re incredibly excited for the Xbox community to play Black Desert now that it’s launched on Xbox One, and want to thank everyone who has shared feedback and played through our multiple betas. We’re rewarding everyone who participated in our Black Desert betas with an exclusive title in-game starting today! Plus, if you were able to achieve Level 30 during our Final Open Beta, you’ll receive an additional reward – a cute Calpheon Chubby Dog pet!

See you all in Black Desert! For more information regarding Black Desert on Xbox One, please visit xbox.playblackdesert.com.