/Wargroove Tips and Tricks

Wargroove Tips and Tricks

Everyone at Chucklefish is blown away by the response to Wargroove. It’s been truly fantastic! That said, we know the game can get pretty tough, so we’re here to offer you some tips. We hope they help you on your way to becoming a groovy Commander!


Knowledge is Power

Each unit in Wargroove is unique, with unique stats, abilities, and critical hit conditions. Make sure you brush up on your unit knowledge by making good use of the tile info and codex. You can access the codex in the game directly from the tile info screen.

Critical Hits Are King

Critical hits are a very unique part of battles in Wargroove. Each unit has a critical hit condition that boosts their damage in a major way! Make sure you’re always thinking about the best way to set up critical hits and you’ll overpower even the strongest battalions.


Get into the Groove

Each Commander has access to an incredibly powerful Groove ability. These abilities are often powerful enough to turn the tide of battle if used correctly. Make sure you’re building your Groove quickly by finishing off units with the Commander and look for the optimum moment to unleash your Groove!

Finding Balance

Your Commander is both your most powerful unit and your biggest weakspot. Don’t be afraid to use your Commander aggressively to advance and build up Groove meter quickly. Make sure the Commander always has an escape route available and be careful not to overextend.


When All Else Fails…

If you get stuck, remember there are difficulty sliders in the game’s menu! You can always come back to a tough mission later and try something new.

With these tips, we hope you’ll be well on your way to strategic victory on the battlefield! If you haven’t picked up Wargroove yet, it’s out now on Xbox One and Windows 10.