/Three Things Our Team is Looking Forward to in the New Year!

Three Things Our Team is Looking Forward to in the New Year!

We think we’re right in saying that last year was a great year for the Xbox Insider Program. In 2018, we added a brand-new system update ring for Xbox fans interested in testing even earlier platform-related enhancements and features, boosted our social presence by expanding to Twitter and Reddit, previewed awesome titles like Fallout 76 and Sea of Thieves, and took some time to introduce the team a little better.

It’s hard to say where 2019 will take us, but we’re excited to jump straight in and hope our community of passionate Xbox Insiders are to! Here are a few things some of our team members say they’d most like to work on in the New Year, along with an opportunity for you to help further guide our plans:

David Avatar

David, Xbox Insider Hub Improvements

This year we’re planning to do some work on the Xbox Insider Hub app, and of course, we want your feedback. We recently closed the Xbox Insider Program Idea Drive, which allowed us to learn a few important things that we shared in an earlier blog post. We want to keep building on this information, so very shortly you’ll see a new mega thread in the Xbox Insider Subreddit that covers the topic of Xbox Insider Hub improvements.

Those familiar with r/XboxInsiders know that we host a feature request thread every week to collect your ideas. Each week, the top performing ideas from the week prior are included in a recap that we review and share with the Xbox Engineering teams. This new mega thread will be similar, looking for your best ideas specific to the Xbox Insider Hub app on Xbox One and also Windows 10. We’re still in the planning and design phase of a new app, and your feedback will help us prioritize what we deliver over the next year.

Savannah Avatar

Savannah, Finding More Opportunities to Partner with the Mixer Team

One of the last big things we accomplished in 2018 was appearing on an episode of Tips & Tricks thanks to a partnership with the Mixer team! For the most part, the role we play in bringing you earlier system update and game content takes place in the background, but we do love talking with you all, too. In 2019, we’d like to build on the momentum of our recent streaming experience so that we might continue to semi-regularly appear on  (and in partnership with!) pre-existing streams.

In the future, we hope to bring news about the program, new content and ways to make your Xbox experience more fun as an Xbox Insider not just to Twitter but also to Mixer. Here’s hoping you don’t get tired of hearing from us because we love chatting with you!

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Dean, Providing More Gaming Previews and Content

As mentioned earlier, we brought you a bunch of great game content last year! In fact, in 2018 we brought you more early game content than ever before, and we’re looking to continue that trend this year. Keep an eye out on the Xbox Insider Blog and the Announcements section of the Xbox Insider Hub on Xbox One and PC throughout 2019 – you never know what content we’ll be bringing to you next!