/Guide: Every Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Available Right Now

Guide: Every Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Available Right Now

Every colour of Joy-Con

One of the most wonderful things about the Nintendo Switch is the modular design, which allows you to remove your old boring Joy-Con controllers and slide in some new colorful ones to show the world how individual you are.

There’s quite a variety of different colors of Joy-Con available now, so we’ve rounded them all up for you in this handy guide.

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Classic Grey Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

If you have grey Joy-Con it’s likely that you got these bundled with your Switch at launch because the Neon options were all sold out. If you purposely chose grey Joy-Con then we will not judge you; this is the “don’t look at me” choice, you are probably too busy enjoying yourself to wish to attract attention with your choice of controller color.


Classic Neon Red & Blue Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Like hot and cold taps, these Joy-Con are color coded to suit your mood. The neon color brings to mind happy days in the ’90s watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before this humble scribe was sentenced to writing guides about Joy-Con colors.

Pro-tip: you can buy the alternative left/right combo to match the ones which came with your Switch so you can have matching sets of left and right Neon Red and Neon Blue. The perfect solution for anyone who has a mild touch of OCD.


Flashy Neon Yellow Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

These eye-catching neon yellow Joy-Con were released to coincide with the launch of ARMS. Much like the Switch brawler with its eye-dazzling roster of colorful brawlers, these eye-catching Joy-Con do stand out from the crowd. If you are in the market for a pair of Joy-Con which match, then these could be the one for you. Neon Yellow is a bold choice and you always wanted to be bolder, didn’t you?


Splatastic Neon Pink & Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

If Neon Yellow wasn’t bright enough for you, then allow us to present you with the Neon Pink & Green Joy-Con. Released to coincide with Splatoon 2, these motion controlled beauties scream out “I bloody love Splatoon” and if that registers with the grandma sitting next to you on the bus, then this is no bad thing. Why no alternate right-sided pink Joy-Con and left-sided green Joy-Con though Nintendo? You monsters!


Super Mario Red Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Released to coincide with the launch of the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey, these red Joy-Con is a great choice for those who wish neon colors were left in the ’90s along with dungarees and bum-bags. These red Joy-Con are stylish and yet understated, a perfect choice for someone who wants to express themselves without drawing too much-unwanted attention from paparazzi.

While these Joy-Con can be picked up with the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle, they can also be picked up separately in North America. In Europe you are bang out of luck, however, so we’ve kindly dropped in a link for Play-Asia for Euro readers. Nintendo can’t stop us from importing these lovely region-free Joy-Con from Hong Kong. We know because we’ve done it! Bwahahaha!


Pikachu & Eevee Edition Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Now we are getting to the really rare Joy-Con options. These Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! themed Joy-Con can only be obtained when you buy the Pikachu & Eevee Switch console bundle. Obtaining these could get expensive! However, Nintendo is supposed to be selling these Joy-Con on their own in Japan at some point in the future. Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to the My Nintendo Store or Pokemon Center Online in Japan to get them. Mail order options would be nice!

What can we say about these Joy-Con? Well, they remind us of mustard. There, we said it.


Super Smash Boring Grey Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

For a game as vibrant and colorful as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we have no idea why this Joy-Con is so boring to look at. Would it be churlish of us to assume that Nintendo overestimated how many people would want the standard grey Joy-Con and produced way too many of them? Yes, it looks like those lines were added at a later date to cash in on Smash – we’re on to you, Nintendo!

You can’t buy these Joy-Con separately, so you’ll have to pick up a super smashing Switch bundle to obtain these rare Joy-Con.

So that’s all of the lovely Joy-Con colours. Which combination is your favourite?