/My Deepest Apologies

My Deepest Apologies

                     My Deepest Apologies


My deepest apologies for networking switching, i.e. video Games, bundles, Products, accessories and more for a better price to video game news-network/networking with more options for growth.


                                                   Bug Problems


Thought this path is different, there are ‘BUGS’, which happen that newbie ‘me-WordPress-server understandings’, plus working on other sights so the limits, will be less when it comes to ‘Subscribers, associations and visitors‘ get more for the efforts. Top of the list of giving, so you have more are these sites are up and running on one main server/service and the other server is connected with the purchased software of actively involving the clothing industry and accessories: https://betterbuyfashions.dropgecko.com ; this site is part of the “Family ” of sites related to https://peoplereadingbynumber.life ; https://peoplereadingbynumberunlimitedstore.com  and our newest additive: https://peoplereadingbynumber.news ;


                          Word Talent and Intellectual Usage


Please note: all and our growing numbers of sites, will be ‘kid friendly’: [profanity, porn in name-site-title and more] will miss the opportunity toward being displayed. This family of information, bundles, accessibility will be there for “ALL”, just remember that we will be available to 3year olds and up…so ‘kid friendly is Paramount’, please.


                                          New or Growing


New on our horizon is the new or growing games, which are being mentioned…”Spy Hunter; and BELOW”.

Spy Hunter, from my notes alone: “SpyHunter”: ‘OH NO!!!!BANGIN FUN’: yep-what!”!  <4d8W2qBeTPM>:  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d8W2qBeTPM]; once again the product Spy Hunter is so real looking that if the companies would set up a ‘chair; 5 or 6 speed gearbox with a clutch (my style): a client would lose weight and gain a heart like a racehorse’, yes, a 5 out of 5 stars.

For your viewing pleasure, this is the ‘SpyHunter’ and the ‘Below’ will have to come for another day, once more information is gathered…:


Thank you for visiting,