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Fitness Boxing

Fitness boxing via “Wii”: life is an energized advantage given to us and we just have to take a piece of that effort to aid us into moving into the next level of fitness. Yes, the next level is you moving into the effort; many would say that feeling the hit, the pain exchange and the aftermath of the hit is just as important, yet we are talking about fitness, not the steps which go above the fitness area of growth.

The ‘Empowering’ of the body via simulation is one of the greater gifts given to us and few on the planet earth are recognizing it as an awakening and genius of reality. The repeated movement is the training path that leads to the level of skill; an example is the ‘Karate Kid’, the first movies’ first learning tactic: “wipe on, wipe off”. That movement alone, even though it is a movie, is rooted in the truth of training and growing into a better-coordinated boxer, though lite hitting, yet better equipping the individual for seeing, understanding and relating to what is conditioning for success in your boxing growth.

So far, movie mambo-jumbo alternated skill training needed for being a better battler. Proof in the pudding in a product…the training started at or around the age of 4 years of age, where a watching of a pugilist moving in his mind while in the place of professional boxing on the screen: note, at this point it does not matter the good vs. bad; hero vs. villain; tactical adviser vs. the student. Anyway, the viewing and mimicking the movements of the grandfather demonstrated an education in movement; the watching and empowerment of the once, twice or more a week produced an individual in four years, who reacted when attacked with a perfect blocking technique. Not an aggressive, bullying, on the part of the blocking student, yet a satisfying surprise on the bully’s face, when this sheep did not just receive a hit.

The power given at that moment of blocking an attack was the lack of non-pain and an increase in realizing that no bully should attack a sheep, one on one; two on one and etcetera…the empowerment, for the young man, helped frame this delivered education.

Weird life story added to this framing of the benefits of being well rounded by use ‘Wii’, Xbox, video games, video game accessories and the power toward being more than you were… dramatically funny, oh let’s play some more…at a happy video game fun.