/A Look Ahead: Anthem

A Look Ahead: Anthem

With 2018 coming to a close, we here at Xbox Wire decided that now would be the perfect time to start looking ahead to some of the big games coming out in 2019. There are already a lot of them on the books, many of which will be coming out during the first few months of the year. While there’s already a decent amount of info on these titles, we’ve found that it can be tough to figure out details with all of the information spread out across the web. So, with that in mind, we’ll be spending the rest of the year taking a closer look at some of 2019’s biggest games and pulling together as much info as we can into one place. Today, we look at Anthem from Electronic Arts.

When was Anthem announced?

Anthem was originally announced at E3 2017.

When will Anthem be released?

Anthem launches on February 22 on Xbox One.

What sort of game is Anthem?

Anthem is a multiplayer action RPG that thrusts you into a savage world filled with threats. You’ll assume the role of a Freelancer, a job that entails using your super-powered exosuit to take down enemies and save humanity – all while exploring the marvelous terrain along the way.


Who’s making it?

Anthem is being developed by BioWare, the same studio behind the “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” franchises.

What is the story about?

Gods known as the Shapers have harnessed a tool called The Anthem to create the world in which the game takes place – a planet rife with creatures and monsters. However, the gods disappeared before their work was completed, leaving behind the various instruments they’ve used to construct the world. The overwhelming power that these tools contain, known as The Anthem, have caused insanely strong cataclysms to occur, posing threats to mankind.

This is where those javelin exosuits come in. The handcrafted armor endows you with superhuman abilities and was created to help humanity survive the harsh conditions created by the planet’s ancestors.

That might sound like an enormous undertaking, but you won’t be tackling this challenge alone. Your crew is well-equipped to help you navigate these missions, with each member offering its own advantage and perspective. Haluk is a legendary Freelancer that younger Freelancers look up to, while Fay Navine possesses the rare gift of mental communication. Owen Corely is a new Freelancer largely defined by his ambition and enthusiasm.


Tell me more about these javelin suits.

The world of Anthem includes four different types of javelin exosuits, which players can unlock as they progress through the game. Each javelin is equipped with its own unique characteristics, and players will be able to jump between them to upgrade the skills of their pilot as well as their javelins.

Players start the game with the versatile combat-ready Ranger javelin, known for its focus on precise damage and access to a wide variety of weapons. The Colossus javelin is a powerhouse with an appetite for destruction that’s ideal for fending off hordes of enemies, while the small and sleek Interceptor offers superior evasion and agility. The Storm javelin is powered by elemental forces that enable pilots to float above the ground, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of defense making it best-suited for experts.

What will multiplayer gameplay be like?

Anthem is designed to be played with a team, especially when it comes to combat. With a full team, you can divide and conquer rather than spending most of the match dodging hits from enemy waves. You’ll be able to jump into a friend’s mission at any point and won’t be disadvantaged if you’re at a significantly lower power level than the people you’re playing with. And if your whole team wants to use the same type of javelin, that’s also totally fine. Anthem doesn’t require specific roles to be filled on a team like some traditional RPGs.


What’s the combat like?

Your javelin exosuit provides a range of tools to help you in battle, enabling you to move effortlessly throughout the battlefield to attack enemies at range and up-close. Striking an enemy’s weak spots will deal bonus damage, and Ultimate Abilities such as the Colossus javelin’s Siege Cannon can result in devastatingly effective blows. Javelins are also designed to be highly customizable so that you can adjust its qualities based on your play style. As you progress through the game, you’ll collect equipment that can be used to upgrade your javelin’s capabilities.

Will I be able to play it before launch?

Yes, there will be a VIP Demo and an Open Demo prior to launch. The VIP will take place from Jan. 25-Jan. 27, and there are three ways to gain access: pre-ordering Anthem, subscribing to EA All Access or subscribing to Origin All Access during the demo period. The Open Demo will take place from Feb. 1-3 that will be available to everyone on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Is Anthem Xbox One X Enhanced?

It sure is!

Anthem Screenshot

What versions of the game will be available?

Standard Edition which includes a pre-order incentive which includes the Legion of Dawn Ranger Armor Pack and Legendary weapon, Founders banner, plus VIP access to pre-launch demos. The Legion of Dawn Edition gives you the complete set of Legion of Dawn Javelin Armor Packs, Legendary weapon and gear attachment, and digital soundtrack. Pre-orders also receive the Anthem Pre-Order Bonus, which includes VIP Access to pre-launch demos.

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