/NIS America Brings Lapis x Labyrinth To The West In 2019

NIS America Brings Lapis x Labyrinth To The West In 2019

The ‘Kinda Funny video Game Showcase’ was able to include a Nippon Ichi Software announcement with the assistance of NIS America. If you’re one who embraces the grind in role-playing games, the dungeon-diving action title Lapis x Labyrinth is now officially arriving here locally on the Nintendo Switch at some point in 2019. The news isn’t all that surprising, consider there is less than a month left of 2018 and we haven’t heard about the international release of this title since September.

During the showcase, NIS America shared the western announcement trailer for the game, which you can view above. If you missed the previous announcement, the game places players in the center of a high-octane treasure-hunting quest. Here, danger leads to bigger and better rewards. All you have to do is slay hoards of monsters and overcome many traps to gain riches beyond your wildest imagination. Below is the full rundown:

When a struggling village falls on hard times and is desperate need of wealth, there’s only one solution: gather your comrades, venture into the Labyrinth below the Golden Forest, and claim the piles of gold and treasures hidden within! You will need all your courage and wits to survive the dangers ahead, but the treasures that await you are well worth it!

Customize your team with over 4,000 unique combinations, then use the creative stacking mechanic to perform synchronized attacks. When you’ve racked up enough destruction, unleash the explosive power of Fever Mode to really make the cash flow! With 8 different character classes, engaging monster encounters, and stylish, over-the-top visuals, this adventure has everything you need to make it rain!

As we previously noted, each of the eight playable character classes have different traits, usable weapons, and fighting styles. You can choose from a Hunter, Necromancer, Shielder, Maid, Gunner, Wizard, Destroyer, and Bishop.

The game will also receive a limited edition physical release which includes the game, a photo album, soundtrack, poster, mini-art prints and collector’s box for $59.99. Pre-orders are now live on the official NIS America store. Take a look below:

Take in the trailer above and tell us if you’re interested in playing this when it does arrive here in the west.