/The Most Important News From The Kinda Funny Games Showcase

The Most Important News From The Kinda Funny Games Showcase

Today, Youtube Channel Kinda Funny games unveiled its games Showcase, in which it debuted trailers for nearly 70 games in a little over an hour. It was an interesting small-scale montage of new info. There’s a lot of neat info to sift through! But don’t worry: We watched the entire thing and have cherry-picked the bits of news you should pay attention to.

News Game Trailers And Details

Judgment Gets A Release Window, English Cast
As with most “conferences” of this sort, the best news saved for last. Yakuza developer’s new game, Judgment, received a Western released date and trailer, including the first sampling of its English cast. You can learn more about it here.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s Second Episode Has A Release Date 
After a turbulent development cycle, the team now working The Walking Dead’s final season, now called “Still Not Bitten,” announced the release date for the next episode: January 17. You can learn more about that announcement here.

There’s A New Conan The Barbarian Tower-Defense Game
Former Command & Conquer devs are working with Funcom on Conan Unconquered, a new strategy game set in that game’s universe. Here’s the rundown.

The Messenger Gets Free DLC Next Year
Picnic Panic brings The Messenger to a more tropical setting next year with three (free!) new levels.

Super Meat Boy Forever Comes Out In April
Along with a new trailer, we got one of the most important details about Team Meat’s latest game: A release window.

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Comes Out January 17
Drawing from lots of interesting sources, the very weird YIIK is a little over a month away.

Cute Puzzle Game A Fold Apart Gets A New Trailer
A Fold Apart isn’t out yet but is already getting awards. If you haven’t seen this trippy, cute puzzle game in action before, here’s your chance.

Moving Out Is Physics-Based Puzzler About Moving Out Of Your Apartment
Sometimes you just gotta move a dead giraffe, you know what I mean?

The Minds Behind The Pinball FX Series Are Making A Dungeon-Crawler
Operencia: The Stolen Sun looks pretty neat.

Long Gone Days Leaves Early Access Next April
The promising military-tinged RPG is already available in early access, but the full release is just around the corner.

Away: Journey To The Unexpected Gets A Trio Of Release Dates
Away’s Art style is very intriguing, and nice match for its first-person RPG gameplay. It’s out February 5 on PS4, February 7 on Switch, February 8 on Xbox One, and “later” on PC.

Fight Knight Brings The Action To PS4, Switch, And PC Next Year
The violent first-person brawler looks like a nice way to take out your aggression in retro form.

Other Noteworthy Headlines

There were also some interesting tidbits about games that have already released.

  • Slay The Spire, The PC card game doing well on steam, is coming to Switch next year.
  • Bioware did an in-depth breakdown of the Anthem trailer they showed off at The Game Awards.
  • All three Danganronpa games will be available as one collection on PS4, with a new collector’s edition that includes an artbook.
  • Windjammers and Celeste are getting new physical version on December 21 and January 1, respectively, courtesy of Limited Run Games.
  • Mike Bithell’s Quarantine Circular is coming to Switch.

There were, of course, more games than we could fit here. If you want to watch the entire showcase and see if anything else catches your fancy, you can watch the archive right here.