/Feature: Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Every Ocarina Song, Ranked From Worst To Best

Feature: Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Every Ocarina Song, Ranked From Worst To Best

13. Scarecrow’s Song

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Scarecrow
Image: Nintendo Life

Okay, there is a world in which this is the best ocarina song in the game. Remember, the Scarecrow’s Song is whatever you make it and if you have the musical imagination of Koji Kondo (or just a good understanding of The Simpsons theme), then we are sure you could make some magic.

For most of us, however, this Pierre-summoning track was something along the lines of ‘Up-C, Up-C, Up-C, Up-C, Up-C, Up-C, Up-C, Up-C’. Not the most pleasing to listen to, but it gets the job done. And you can remember it.

12. Bolero of Fire

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And so we enter the warping songs. Bolero of Fire will transport you to right outside the Fire Temple, which is handy if you want to… go back there? Each to their own, we guess.

Warp powers aside, the tune itself is mighty fine. We are particular fans of the marching drum beat in the background and the way that it all builds towards its final crescendo certainly gives off a sense of the temple’s power.

We just prefer other tunes. Damn you, Koji Kondo, and your wonderful ability to make toe-tapping jingles.

11. Minuet of Forest

Minuet of Forest will warp you to the Sacred Forest Meadow and (depending on which order you do the temples in) it is likely to be one of the first songs that you learn with Sheik’s accompaniment. Certainly in the first three. It’s always our first, and we can’t help but bump this tune up the list a little purely because of our undying love for the Forest Temple.

It might not be the most memorable tune of the bunch, nor have the most useful warping capabilities, but it’s still a great little number.

10. Requiem of Spirit

Requiem of Spirit is an interesting one. It doesn’t quite have the creepiness of Nocturne of Shadow, nor does it immediately spring to mind when we hum the ocarina songs to ourselves. That said, it can transport Child Link to the Spirit Temple (something that he’s not going to be able to do otherwise thanks to the Hookshot not making the time jump) and is therefore one of the more useful warp tracks out there.

A practical necessity, but not the prettiest tune on the list.

9. Serenade of Water

Oooh, now the Serenade of Water is one of the more soothing tracks.

This mellow little number will warp you to Lake Hylia, a mere stone’s throw from the Water Temple. It seems fitting that such a chilled melody should be the last thing that you hear before entering the series’ most divisive temple.