/Random: N64 Cart Album Composer Returns With A Funky GBA Follow-Up

Random: N64 Cart Album Composer Returns With A Funky GBA Follow-Up

Game Boy Advance Fuchsia 2
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

Remute is back with another unique album release, but this time on a different console. The musician released an album on an N64 cartridge earlier this year, and he’s followed this release up with a fantastic-sounding GBA cartridge.

Yep, your tiny little Game Boy Micro (or whatever model of GBA, but we’re going extra small today) can be a personal little music player for this one very cool album.

This new 15-track album is called ‘Unity’ and comes on a 32MB cartridge that you can use on any GBA device, DS Lite, or Analogue Pocket, as is full to the brim with Remute’s signature style of “ecstatic techno, electro and house music of the 90s.” Perfect for one of those Tribal GBA SPs, then!

To promote the album, Remute released a music video playing on a GBA. It’s all very neon-soaked, 80s and 90s-fuelled, and very funky. The video was created by artist and game developer Blue G. Go check it out on this fine day.

The sound quality was achieved through demoscene and GBA coder HorstBaerbel, but Unity also features a Graphical User Interface.

But don’t worry, if you don’t happen to have a GBA handy (but why wouldn’t you?), if you pre-order the album from Bandcamp you’ll also get a digital download for the album.

The album releases on 5th August, and you can either go for the GBA cartridge for a minimum of €34.99 or a vinyl release for €44.99.

Did you grab the N64 album? What do you think of this GBA album? Let us know!