/More Alexa Demie Street Style, Please

More Alexa Demie Street Style, Please

Photography by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for HBO

The actor’s off-screen style exudes the same confidence as her “Euphoria” character.

Maddy Perez is not to be messed with.

The Euphoria character with a heavenly wardrobe is straightforward and loyal, but you don’t want to get on her bad side. Perez embodies everything fans love about the HBO series: drama, darkness and, of course, daring fashion. And we have actor Alexa Demie to credit for so effortlessly bringing the character’s edgy cool girl aesthetic to life.

The L.A.-born performer rarely makes a press appearance, but when she does, she goes all out. Like her Euphoria character, Demie’s style has been the subject of much social media chatter.

Already this season, Maddy’s many looks have spawned countless fashion memes and served plenty of style inspiration. Demie not only portrays Perez on-screen but also helped curate her iconic aesthetic, telling Wonderland Magazine that creating her look was a “collaborative experience.”

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Similarly to Maddy, Alexa Demie has a strong sense of personal style. Her flare for statement-making fashion was showcased in a recent press junket with members of the Euphoria cast. For the occasion, Demie wore an all-black Balenciaga oversized hooded ensemble, with big black sunglasses to match her incognito vibe.

The sleek and nontraditional look was indicative of Demie’s aesthetic. In 2019, she described her independent fashion sense to InStyle, nothing that she often draws inspiration from the ‘90s. “I love timeless. I don’t like trendy looks,” Demie said, adding that she likes to put together her own outfits — and her street style speaks for itself.

On January 15, the actor was spotted going to a birthday party in Hollywood with model Bella Hadid. The pair — who have been friends for years — were serving unmistakable early aughts party-girl vibes reminiscent of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. They coordinated their looks with the Y2K-est of patterns: leopard print.

Hadid wore a plunging brown halter-neck dress with white gogo boots and a leopard print bag, while Demie sported a leopard-print coat atop an LBD with a crystal-embellished cutout. The best part? Demie’s unapologetically 2000s accessories: yellow-tinted sunglasses and a denim Louis Vuitton purse.

Earlier last week, on January 14, Demie was seen with another fashion-forward pal, Hailey Bieber. As the two were spotted leaving a pilates class together, the internet was quick to point out Demie’s unusual choice of workout accessories: Prada loafers and a chunky Prada headband (exercise attire, but make it fashion).

Bieber and Demie were also spotted out to dinner on January 13, wearing matching colour tones. Demie opted for a mustard yellow Balenciaga teddy coat and black beret, with a studded handbag and platform combat boots. We can’t help but wonder: is she wearing a bathrobe as a coat? Because that’s a trend we can get on board with.

When out and about, Demie is often seen in unlikely accessory combos and surprising silhouettes, but it always works. With all her outfits, she exudes the signature air of confidence that she brings to the role of Maddy. Her style is more than just what she wears, it’s the classic persona she brings to all her looks.

Just like Maddy Perez, Alexa Demie serves bold, eye-catching and self-assured style. That’s the Euphoria effect.