/Saucy Tower Defence Title Duel Princess Marches To Switch Next Month

Saucy Tower Defence Title Duel Princess Marches To Switch Next Month

Japanese developer qureate – best-known for its rather risqué titles, such as Prison Princess and NinNinDays – has announced that it is bringing Duel Princess to the Switch on January 13th, 2022.

The title is a side-scrolling tower defence effort, featuring 10 princesses (designed by Waon Inui) whose power must be overcome and then added to your team in order to defeat the Great Demon King. There’s a big deck-building element to the game, with players using cards to summon units – which come in close, medium, and long-range types – and activate skills.

Because this is a qureate game, there’s plenty of cheesecake on display. For example, during battle, each princess will lose clothing as it becomes torn and battered. There’s also a ceremony included called “Punishment” that needs to be performed to seal away crests that appear on defeated princesses; during this process, the princess’s body temperature and heartrate increase, forcing a crest to appear which the player can then remove.

The game will carry a CERO rating of D (for players 17 and older) in Japan, which shouldn’t come as a massive shock, given its content.

Duel Princess will cost $24.99 and comes with English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language support, as well as full Japanese voice acting.