/Devastation Will Be Unleashed Upon Rust Console Edition

Devastation Will Be Unleashed Upon Rust Console Edition

Survivors, the first free content update for Rust Console Edition, Devastation Unleashed, is coming November 25! This exciting new update brings brand new mechanics like the tech tree, gestures, adjustments to the gun handling, aim assist, and a host of quality of life improvements and bug fixes!

The Tech Trees fundamentally change the way players progress in Rust Console Edition. No longer will you have to rely on spending your scrap on a random tiered blueprint at the workbench – you can now unlock the items you need the most. Collect scrap from around the map and construct a workbench in order to access the Tier 1 Tech Tree. From here, you can use scrap to unlock different branches of items depending on your playstyle. Do you prefer to build and fortify your base? Unlock defenses and traps to confound your enemies! Or do you prefer the more direct approach? Then unlock guns and ammo to eliminate your competition more efficiently!

Rust: Devastation Unleashed

Every item has its own tier, so you’ll need to collect more scrap and build a higher tiered workbench to unlock more end-game items. You can always try your luck on the Bandit Camp spinning wheel for some extra scrap, but don’t forget, the house always wins…

You will still be able to research items from the Research Table as you could before, so there are now multiple paths of progression. The aim of adding Tech Trees is to bring the game more in-line with the core Rust experience by removing the random system we had up until now to unlock new Blueprints. This will give everyone more variety over the ways they can play the game.

Rust: Devastation Unleashed

Also coming with Devastation Unleashed is the exciting ‘Gestures’ feature, which allows you to perform various emotes using the radial menu to better express yourself in game. Is someone too far away to hear in voice chat? Give them a wave… or something less friendly!

This update also includes new maps seeds, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and new skins to celebrate this update! We’re working hard to bring as many updates and improvements as we can to Rust Console Edition, and this is only the first of many content updates. Hope you all enjoy it! See you at the beach, survivors.

Devastation Unleashed will be available for Rust Console Edition on the November 25!

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