/Runway Unveils an Arsenal in the Latest Rogue Company Update

Runway Unveils an Arsenal in the Latest Rogue Company Update

Season Three is in full swing in Rogue Company! The second update of this Season features a brand new Rogue and an awesome new way to equip and master weapons through the Weapon Mastery system.

Introducing a Rogue with style and an arsenal of weapons to die for: meet Runway, a seasoned weapons dealer who used a career as a globe-trotting fashion model as a cover for international espionage. Runway maintains a high status with several secret society organizations that sell legitimate consumer goods on the surface, but powerful and high tech illegal arms under the table. Dressed to kill, Runway ensures all of her customers are well prepared with only the best weaponry.

Rogue Company - Runway

Runway’s special ability, Supply on Demand, is a huge asset to your team. By tossing out her briefcase, teammates can resupply their ammo and gadgets; be on the lookout, however, as her briefcase can be destroyed by enemies. Runway’s passive, Fully Loaded, allows her to buy and equip both primary weapons simultaneously. Speaking of primary weapons, Runway brings along a brand new assault rifle, Hydra. Hydra is a large caliber, fully automatic assault rifle that deals massive damage over long ranges. Jump into the game now to try your skill at Runway and Hydra!

This update also introduces the Weapon Mastery system, which will allow you to progress weapons, earn new weapon wraps, and unlock the ability to use your favorite weapons on other Rogues who utilize the same weapon class. As you play, you’ll gain mastery by using and completing challenges unique to that weapon. Once your mastery in a weapon reaches level 5, it can be used by all Rogues that have access to that weapon class. Master a weapon class or achieve the status of Weapons Master to unlock Legendary reactive weapon wraps. Start mixing and matching your favorite weapons to your favorite Rogues now!

Runway and Weapon Mastery is available now on in the latest Rogue Company update on Xbox One & Xbox X|S!

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