/Caves Shmup Espgaluda II Locks In A September Switch Release For The West

Caves Shmup Espgaluda II Locks In A September Switch Release For The West

Update #2: A listing on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the UK has now confirmed Espgaluda II will arrive here in the west on 9th September. It’ll be available for £15.29 or your regional equivalent.

Update #1: A new site and trailer have been published for the upcoming Switch port of Cave’s Espgaluda II.

We’ve also got some new information on the game:

Live Wire Co., Ltd. has developed a port of the vertically scrolling bullet shooting game”Espgaluda II” developed by Cave Co., Ltd. for Nintendo Switch, and has released a teaser site.

The vertically scrolling barrage shooting game “Espgaluda II”will reappear on Nintendo Switch.
The tutorial mode and Novice mode, which explain the unique game system, are for beginners.
Then, enjoy the world of barrage in Arcade mode, which reproduces the arcade version,
Normal mode, which has higher image quality, and Arrange mode, which has changed game rules.

This work includes “BlackLabel mode” that allows you to handle the enemy character “Seseri” as your own machine.

New game rules and a special ending for skippers are available.

This work has been ported and developed by Live Wire Co., Ltd. to consumer devices for the first time in 11 years since the 2010 Xbox 360 version.

Original Story [Wed 18th Aug, 2021 05:00 BST]

During the Nintendo Direct presentation in June, Japanese Switch fans found out three Cave shmups would be getting released on the hybrid system.

Mushihimesama got a surprise local release – marking its Nintendo debut while the other two were expected to follow at a later date. Cave’s second shmup Espgaluda II has now been confirmed for a September 9th release on the Switch eShop in Japan (via @moge357):

Espgaluda II
Image: via Gematsu

This means we’ll hopefully see it here in the west before the end of 2021 as well. This title will then be followed by DoDonPachi Resurrection. You can see all of these games in action in the trailer above.

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