/Watch Dogs: Legion New DLC and Title Update 4.0 Now Available

Watch Dogs: Legion New DLC and Title Update 4.0 Now Available

Watch Dogs: Legion players can grab a new DLC character and single-player mission starting today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as a slew of free additions to the campaign and Online mode with Title Update 4.0. Available via the Season Pass or as a separate purchase, the DLC includes a new character, Mina Sidhu, a test subject whose special OMNI Optik lets her control enemies, disrupt them with a Mental Blast, or recharge her powers with takedowns. She arrives along with a new single-player mission, Swipe Right, which puts DedSec on the trail of a conspiracy to fund extremists by selling off Egyptian antiquities.

Title Update 4.0’s free additions include two new operative types for players to recruit in open-world London: the DJ and the First Responder. The DJ’s perks include Killer Beat, which ensures shorter cooldown periods and more damage, along with a Feedback Loop ability that can stun nearby enemies. The First Responder, meanwhile, can wield a hydraulic rescue tool as a heavy weapon, and can minimize damage with their AR Medical Shield ability.

The update also adds five new Twists, which are randomly attached to open-world characters; someone with the Pickpocket Twist can earn currency with each takedown, while Hoarders can loot and carry more ammo. Stuntman operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and traffic collisions; Second Wind grants health in exchange for quickly defeating enemies; and the Wanted Twist means Albion or Clan Kelley goons will attack the operative on sight, no matter where they are. Players will also get more options for cosmetically customizing their operatives, with the ability to adjust hair and tattoos as well as clothing.


Plenty of Watch Dogs: Legion Online content has also arrived with the update; players can now tackle five additional bite-sized solo Assignments, or team up with friends for three new co-op missions:

  • Meltdown, in which DedSec investigates a set of murders that point to the Clan Kelley crime family having acquired an experimental plasma weapon.
  • Dysfunction, in which Clan Kelley hackers known as the Cousins are holding London’s court system hostage, and demanding the dismissal of charges against all Kelley members as ransom.
  • Reposession, which tasks operatives with hunting down a cache of DedSec data drives seized by Albion before the private military can use them to locate active DedSec operatives.

Finally, online players also have access to two new gadgets: a Guardian Drone to escort and support them, and throwable Point Defense Drones, which use drone swarms to block enemy fire.

Title Update 4.0 is just the beginning of what’s ahead for Watch Dogs: Legion. Later this month, Online mode will get a new Tactical Op called Project Omni, as well as two PVP modes: the fan-favorite Invasion, in which players try to hack each other while avoiding detection; and the new Extraction mode. In late June, Season Pass owners can dive into Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, a storyline starring Watch Dogs’ Aiden Pearce and Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench. In August, they’ll also get access to Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order looking to join up with DedSec.

There’s plenty to discover in Watch Dogs: Legion’s dystopian vision of near-future London, and it all just got a little more action-packed with the arrival of Title Update 4.0. So pick your favorite operative (or recruit a few new ones), hit the streets, and get to hacking – there are authoritarians to overthrow, criminals to foil, and no shortage of conspiracies to unravel.

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