/New Champion Yagorath Arrives with Paladins Season 4: Calamity

New Champion Yagorath Arrives with Paladins Season 4: Calamity

The arrival of Vora was only the first taste of darkness the Realm of Paladins would experience. Now, the true power she serves has finally been unleashed upon the world. Yagorath the Devourer has emerged, freed from her captivity, to consume everything in her path as the newest playable champion in Paladins’ Season 4: Calamity update!

Yagorath is a piece of the Maw, a cosmic force with one purpose – to assimilate all life into its being. On her journey through the cosmos, Yagorath collided with the Realm’s moon, shattering it and causing her to plummet to the Realm. There, she was imprisoned and surveilled by the Seal Guardians, devout followers of the moon goddess Io, who were determined to never let Yagorath escape to ravage the land.

Paladins Season 4: Calamity

However, the Seal Guardian Vora felt that Io had abandoned her and the Realm, now teeming with death and destruction wrought by the Magistrate and Resistance’s war. Vora decided to take revenge by becoming The Harbinger and unleashing Yagorath. Now this powerful cosmic horror seeks to unify the Realm by devouring all life within it!

Yagorath is the most unique Paladins champion to date. This front line champion has two forms – Planted and Travel. In Planted form, Yagorath cannot move but gains the ability to spray acid which slowly eats away at her foes. In Travel form, Yagorath rolls into a wheel and speeds across the battleground, knocking enemies out of the way and stalking her next prey.

Paladins Season 4: Calamity

Yagorath’s most fearsome ability is the aptly-named Devour, where she targets a champion to become her next meal. The enemy champion is slowly pulled towards her, helpless to escape their fate alone. The entire enemy team must work together to take down Yagorath before it is meal time — and her target is executed with a satisfying chomping animation!

In addition to Yagorath, Season 4: Calamity kicks off with this Paladins update, resetting the ranked ladder and adding a slew of balance changes to the game. We are also introducing our new 2021 Season Pass, which will get players every new champion releasing this year — including Yagorath — plus skins, emotes and poses for each. Plus, Season Pass owners will get 1500 Crystals, an exclusive Soul-Stealer Furia skin, the Golden Gryphon mount, and a 10% bonus on all Crystal purchases throughout the season!

Paladins Season 4: Calamity

Our Champion Pack has also been retired and replaced with three new editions – Starter, Gold, and Deluxe Editions. The Starter Edition unlocks our 8 most popular champions while the Gold edition nabs those same 8 champions plus 22 more and a bonus 600 Crystals! The best value is the Deluxe Edition, which instantly unlocks the current Season Pass, everything in the other two editions, and an extra 10 champions!

The Realm of Paladins will never be the same now that the terrifying Yagorath has been unleashed and we are excited for all players on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One to experience the new content in Season 4: Calamity!

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