/Photographer Michael Kai Young Reimagines Holiday Dressing

Photographer Michael Kai Young Reimagines Holiday Dressing

Toronto-based photographer Michael Kai Young reimagines holiday dressing without the boundaries of what society considers to be masculine and feminine fashion.

“The boundaries of what we consider ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ fashion are these arbitrary ideas that were made up at one point in time,” says Toronto-based photographer Michael Kai Young of the motivation behind New Rules, an editorial photoshoot dreamed up in collaboration with stylist Lucia Perna. “We wanted to show fashion can go beyond that.”

In the photoshoot, more traditionally feminine pieces, like gowns and tulle, are worn by men. “We wanted to present it in a way that showed [wearing these pieces] shouldn’t have to feel like a costume or dress-up, although there’s nothing wrong with that, either,” says Kai Young of the natural, lived-in aesthetic of the shoot.

See the editorial below and get inspired for your holiday and New Year’s Eve outfits in…well, 2021?


Dress, Helmut Lang at Nordstrom. Coat, Gorm. Ear cuff, Rita Tesolin. Ring, vintage.
Dress, Narces. Shoes, Saint Laurent. Ring, Vintage. Socks, stylist’s own.
Ear cuffs, Y/Project Ear Cuff at Archives Boutique.
Dress, Narces. Earrings, Area at Archives Boutique. Fascinator, Lilliput Hats. Rings, Vintage.
Head piece, Lilliput Hats, Earring, Rita Tesolin. Rings Rita Tesolin and vintage. Boots, vintage Bottega Veneta.
Hat, Gorm. Crystal Head Piece and Choker, both Area at Archives Boutique.
Jacket, Hugo Boss. Bow top, Narces. Pants, vintage Vivienne Westwood. Gloves, Berman & Co. Necklace, Vitaly.
Jacket, top and pants, Marcelo Burlon Country Of Milan at Nordstrom. Track jacket, Lacoste. Dress, Gorm. Sneakers, Age Official. Earring (right), Ambush at Archives Boutique. Earring (left), Justine Clenquet at Archives Boutique. Rings and Pearl Necklace, vintage.
Dress, Grom. Ear Cuffs, Y/Project at Archives Boutique
Man walking
Vest and dress, Yung Alexander by Alexander Kershaw. Top, Vans. Pants, Marcelo Burlon at Nordstrom. Backpack, 1017 ALYX, earrings Ambush and Justine Clenquet at Archives Boutique.


Portrait of a man
Vest, Yung Alexander by Alexander. Earring, Justine Clenquet at Archives Boutique. Rings, vintage.
Man on escalator
Tulle Coat, Hugo Boss. Dress, Gorm. Vest, 1017 ALYX at Archives Boutique. Tights, Nike. Earring, Justine Clenquet at Archives. Hat, Kangol.
Dress Gorm. Rings, Vintage

Photography, Michael Kai Young; fashion Direction, Lucia Perna; Grooming, Alexandre Deslauriers using Dior & R+Co; Models Brandon Tyler Wilson, TJ Delafraner at Ciotti, Mckinley Lorenzen, Nyong James at Plutino; Hector Andreas, Tenzin Norbu, Cédrick Dauberton at Elite; Dante Townsend at Next; Mathieu Simoneau, Evan Thomas at Want; Matthew Jackson at Spot6 Management.