/Project CARS 3 Available Now: The Dev Team’s Favorite Performance Car Upgrades

Project CARS 3 Available Now: The Dev Team’s Favorite Performance Car Upgrades

Project CARS 3 is the third chapter in the best-seller racing simulation franchise. Featuring over 200 authentic-handling elite-brand cars, stunning real-world tracks, full 24-hour cycle, and all-season all-weather conditions that affect grip and handling, Project CARS 3 brings you as close as you can get to the thrill and the passion of motor racing. Project CARS 3 is available now.

In Project CARS 3, performance part upgrades for road cars have become a reality. Given this is a simulation racing game, the upgrades will affect your car in a realistic manner as they work directly with the simulation engine. That means any upgrade will alter only that particular aspect of your car that you’re upgrading which not only gives you loads of choices—it also gives you a lot of tough decisions.

The upgrade path all hinges around the PIR (Performance Index Rating)—the higher your car’s PIR, the higher the class of racing it can enter. For reference, the lowest PIR you’ll find in-game is the Ford Escort RS1600 (Road E) with 169 PIR (before upgrades, which won’t do much for its power output, but it’ll certainly make it into an enjoyable, tail-happy racer!). So you can now create a car that suits your driving style but remember—a car that is all power and no handling probably won’t do much for your PIR since power without grip isn’t always the fastest way around!

Upgrades in Project CARS 3 are bought with Credits (no microtransactions, you earn them in-game) so, especially early on in your journey, you need to think carefully on how you want to improve your car—power, handling, or a balance of the two.

With that in mind, the Dev Team at Slightly Mad Studios offer you some of their favorite cars to tune as well as helpful tips to get you started.

Casey Ringley: Vehicle Technical Art and Handling

The KTM X-Bow GT4 isn’t an extreme build, but it removes some BoP (performance-based restrictions) measures the real car must use to run in the GT4 class. Free this baby up from those restrictions and it becomes a strong competitor at the top of our elite GT.A class.

  • CAR: KTM X-Bow GT4
  • STOCK: Price: C148,050/Class: GT.B
  • STATS: PIR: 546/Power: 338hp/Weight: 1,190kg
  • UPGRADES: Power

    • Stage 3 Camshaft (more power at the top of the engine’s rev range)
    • Stage 3 Turbocharger (more boost, more power!)
  • UPGRADES: Handling

    • Stage 1 Weight Reduction (lowering weight means better grip and faster acceleration)
    • Stage 3 Aero (better high-speed handling)
    • Stage 2 Suspension (better handling and downforce from lowering the car)
  • TOTAL COST: C183,750
  • UPGRADE STATS: PIR: 747/Power: 485hp/Weight: 1,094kg

David Kirk: Principal Physics Programmer

My favorite upgraded car must be the BAC Mono. I’ve been fortunate to drive the Mono both on road and track, so it holds a special place for me. It’s a fantastically capable car as stock, and the chassis is so good it can easily handle more grip and power. Hence going for higher grip tyres, and the aero package, plus the camshaft mod. The weight reduction helps get even more out of the tyres and improves power-to-weight even further. Finally, the tuneable diff’ enables me to get the exact feel I want on/off power through the back axle.

  • CAR: BAC Mono
  • STOCK: Price: C128,400/Class: Road A
  • STATS: PIR: 568/Power: 304hp/Weight: 664kg
  • UPGRADES: Power

    • Tuneable Differential (enables you to be able to fine-tune the way the car’s engine puts down the power in and out of turns)
  • UPGRADES: Handling

    • Motorsport Tyres (softer compound for better grip)
    • Track Weight Reduction (top-tier weight saving)
    • Track Aero Package (top-tier aero for handling)
  • TOTAL COST: C147,500
  • NEW CLASS: Hypercar
  • UPGRADE STATS: PIR: 760/Power: 350hp/Weight: 519kg

Kris Pope: Lead Designer

One of the first cars available in Career, the Honda Civic Type R is versatile and, as you upgrade it, able to run in a lot of different events. It’s always worth adding a boost upgrade for the extra power to make a crucial overtake, no matter what car you’re upgrading.

  • CAR: Honda Civic Type R
  • STOCK: Price: C29,950/Class: Road E
  • STATS: PIR: 261/Power: 306hp/Weight: 1,424kg
  • UPGRADES: Power

    • Race Conversion (full race conversion kit for optimum power and handling)
    • Stage 2 ECU (optimises engine for more power and raise rev limiter)
    • 300HP Hybrid Boost (adding battery power on the rear axle to make it AWD)
  • UPGRADES: Handling

    • Soft Race Tyres (softer the compound, better the grip)
  • TOTAL COST: C148,100
  • UPGRADE STATS: PIR: 749/Power:737hp/1174kg

Ben Fischer: Game Design

The Alpine A110S is based on formula that is rare these days—a light and affordable sportscar. This agile mid-engined coupe can carry you through the whole Road D career with its tight and often technical challenging tracks. The race conversion into GT4-spec’ improves on its characteristics and makes it perfect for one of my favourite GT B career events—a race around the full loop of the Nürburgring GP track and the Nordschleife. To bring it into the top PIR level of its class, I improved on the light weight, added just a gentle amount of power (60hp), and gave it softer race tyres to cope with the extra grunt.

  • CAR: Alpine A110S
  • STOCK: Price: C46,650/Class: Road D
  • STATS: PIR: 261/Power: 344hp/Weight: 1,168kg
  • UPGRADES: Power

    • Stage 1 Air Intake (engines need oxygen like people—more oxygen, more power!)
  • UPGRADES: Handling

  • TOTAL COST: C159,800
  • UPGRADE STATS: PIR 645/Power: 404hp/Weight: 1,174kg

Nick Pope: Principal Vehicle Handling Designer

I upgraded the 2019 Porsche 935 just to see how far I could push this modern take on the 1970’s classic, whilst also unlocking more tuning options for custom setups. The result was an absolute monster.

  • CAR: Porsche 935 (2019)
  • STOCK: Price: C256,200/Class: GT Open
  • STATS: PIR: 755/Power: 705hp/Weight: 1,445kg
  • UPGRADES: Power

    • RPM Limit Increase (higher revs for increased top speed and more time in the power band)
  • UPGRADES: Handling

    • Stage 3 Brakes (gives you better stopping power as well as extra tuning ability)
  • TOTAL COST: C323,200
  • NEW CLASS: GT Open
  • UPGRADE STATS: PIR: 987/Power: 807hp/Weight: 1,300kg

The Project CARS 3 Season Pass features four packs crammed with fresh content and customization options for cars and drivers. Each pack includes a themed set of cars and their race conversion kits that explore four distinct and unique styles—beginning with Japanese icons that feature in Pack 1, the Legends Pack.