/Drake Hollow is Available Now on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

Drake Hollow is Available Now on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

I’m happy to share the news on behalf of our studio, The Molasses Flood,that our latest game, Drake Hollow, is finally here. Starting today, you can travel to The Hollow and begin your adventure on Xbox One. This is our newest title, following our studio’s debut release of The Flame in the Flood. And while we’re continually committed to our mission of consistently creating enthralling experiences with tons of heart, you’ll see Drake Hollow heads in a different direction from our first title, with plenty of mysteries up its sleeves.

Drake Hollow is an action village-building game you can play either solo or with friends, and it all takes place in the world of The Hollow – a blighted, mirror of our own world. You’ll quickly realize why you find yourself there (you’ll have to play to find out…), and that the local vegetable folk, the Drakes, need your help. Think of them as lovable, plant goblins. Protect the Drakes while exploring a poisonous, aether-swept landscape of islands for supplies to craft, build and defend your camp. Defending is key. Hordes of feral beasts – real nasties – are out to attack your village of Drakes, and also you. Utilize a unique spread of weapons from tennis rackets, to weed sprayers, to a good ol’ chair leg.

Be prepared for surprise attacks and ambushes while out exploring for essentials. And keep your eyes peeled for other hidden surprises… who knows what, or who, you’ll run into. Mysteries and rewards (as well as all that danger we just talked about) await those curious enough to search every nook and cranny of The Hollow. Your Drakes are hungry, thirsty, and need a place to sleep. They can also – quite literally – die of boredom. Explore the wilderness, set up valuable supply networks to send essentials back to camp (or rail grind on, whatever you’re into), all while keeping your Drakes entertained and happy – think bouncing yoga balls and puppet shows. Continue the fight and eventually, you’ll unravel the peculiar and ancient connection between what lies in The Hollow and our own world back home.

We can’t wait for you to dive in, and hope you enjoy your time in The Hollow.

The Molasses Flood’s Drake Hollow is now available on Xbox One for digital purchase or through Xbox Game Pass. Coming soon to Windows 10 and Steam.