/Nightmares Come to Minion Masters

Nightmares Come to Minion Masters

A brand new Expansion for Minion Masters has arrived with our latest set of awesome new content, and yet another great gift with a 100% discount on the new Nightmares DLC for this weekend only! Claim your free DLC and get a ton of powerful Voidborne cards to bring the demonic legions to your battlefield and crush the opposition.

The dawn of the final battle in the war to save Jadespark Jungle is here. The great and terrible Mar’Dred, Prince of Nightmares has begun to enter the world, while the Hero of the Empyreum Valorian races to oppose his army. It all comes down to this – Play through our latest PvE Adventure as newcomer Valorian or his stalwart allies and determine the fate of the world, or take up demonic arms with our new cards and wreak havoc in regular PvP battles.

The first set of cards you can get access to, releasing today, are powerful Voidborne that will strike fear into your enemies – quite literally. Summon powerful demons with the Void Altar to overwhelm your opponent, or take out high priority targets with a Pincer of Dread and watch its allies flee under the new Fear mechanic. Fear causes minions to run in a direct path away from the source of the effect helplessly, leaving them wide open to attack.

Or, summon Mar’Dred yourself, an awesome new Mythic unit that will tear down the mightiest of minions with his Killing Blow, that instantly finishes any minion with less than 40% health. When a minion dies this way, all its nearby allies will be afflicted by Fear too, disrupting their ranks and giving your minions a great opportunity to capitalise on the chaos.

Our upcoming single-player story, Nightmares, allows you to play as the upcoming Master Valorian with unique perks made just for the single-player mode, as you turn the tides of the demonic invasion. This Adventure includes a new unique Modifier as well, where the Mana and XP Gains of both players are substantially increased, meaning you’ll be fighting off, and with, entire armies of Minions in frantic exciting matches! The Nightmares Adventure will release on the 3rd of September and concludes the storyline of the previous Adventures.

Speaking of upcoming content, Valorian isn’t just exclusive to the Adventure mode – When Version 1.17 releases, he’ll be joining the roster as a fully fledged Master! Known as the supreme Commander of the Chapter of Light, he’s a superhuman warrior enhanced by the divine light and wearer of the legendary Armor of the Sun. There’ll be tons of news of the exciting new Master to come soon, as well as more new cards in future updates – Check out our Nightmares update site to learn more.

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There’s tons of exciting content coming to Minion Masters, so claim your Free DLC and get started today!