/Final Super Mario Maker 2 Update Lets You Build Your Own Worlds

Final Super Mario Maker 2 Update Lets You Build Your Own Worlds

Since its launch last summer, Super Mario Maker 2 has received multiple free updates. These have ranged from adding new course elements and playable characters like Link to improving the online multiplayer suite through new modes and activities. Nintendo has announced the final free update for Super Mario Maker 2, which hits this week, will add the ability to string together courses into their own worlds.

World Maker mode gives you various components and themes with which to lay out your overworld map. Each world strings together multiple courses with a starting point and an end castle. World Maker mode supports up to eight worlds containing a maximum of 40 courses total, allowing players to essentially create their own Mario games from the individual courses they have or will create.

Super Mario Maker 2

For those who just want more elements to create with, Nintendo is also expanding the toolbox with myriad new course elements. Players can now add the Koopalings to courses as enemies. Each Koopaling has his or her on distinct movement pattern, giving them a unique flavor depending on which one you place in your stages.

While players have kept their fingers crossed that Super Mario Bros. 2 would eventually get added as a full-fledged theme, Nintendo hasn’t taken the plunge. Unfortunately, that remains the case with this final update. Those fans do, however, get a nod to Super Mario Bros. 2 in this update through the new SMB2 Mushroom. This new mushroom type transforms the character to look like their Super Mario Bros. 2 sprite. However, it’s more than just a cosmetic change, as it grants them the power to pick up and throw items and enemies as they could in Super Mario Bros. 2. The Cursed Key is also getting added in this update, unleashing the hated Phanto from Super Mario Bros. 2.

Super Mario Maker 2

Other items getting added in this update include the fan-favorite Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, the Power Balloon from Super Mario World, the Super Acorn from New Super Mario Bros. U, and the Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D World. Fans can also expect new variations of wearable items like the Cannon Box and Propeller Box in the Super Mario 3D World theme.

You can learn more about this update and its various features through the trailer below.

This final free update goes live to all copies of Super Mario Maker 2 on April 22. For more on this course-creation title, check out our review.