/GI Update: Publisher Cathy Preston Retires

GI Update: Publisher Cathy Preston Retires

Our long-time publisher, friend, and Game Informer family member Cathy Preston has retired. Her impact on Game Informer can’t be measured. During her 20-year tenure as publisher, our subscriber base grew from hundreds of thousands to over eight million at its height. She believed in me, and believed in every member of our staff. I don’t know where we’d be today without her support of our best (and even our worst) ideas.

Not only was she a great leader, Cathy inspired the culture here at Game Informer as well. Sure, she made decisions that were good for the business, but it was important to her that these decisions were also good for the employees. She cared about us, and respected the balance between our professional responsibilities and personal lives. Her dedication to this vision created a place to work unlike any other.

Yes, Cathy was my boss, but I can’t thank her enough for being my friend. It has been an honor working with her, so from the team here at Game Informer: The scope of our gratitude is impossible to put into words.

Cathy’s retirement comes as we restructure the business unit here at Game Informer. Unfortunately, that means we are also saying goodbye to six other great people who were a part of what makes this place so special and were integral to Game Informer’s success story.

At the core of this sad news is the fact that Game Informer will always be family. And we wouldn’t have that experience without the support of our community and our friends in the game industry. So, thank you. And I hope you will join me in thanking Cathy – the magazine wouldn’t be what it is today without her.

Thanks as always for reading.