/TERA: Justice, Injustice, and Tiny Tales of Woe

TERA: Justice, Injustice, and Tiny Tales of Woe

It’s no secret that I love playing brawlers in TERA. And with the release of the Fists of Justice content update, I get to add another race/class combo to my stable of fighters—the popori brawler—and I’ll be punching like mad to get him up to max level to take on one of my favorite dungeons: Antaroth’s Abyss.


Spoiler Alert: In my previous Xbox Wire article, I talked about the Red Refuge and its complicated web of relationships and TERA lore. Antaroth’s Abyss picks up minutes after you report to your superiors about what you saw while cleaning out the refuge, and in a completely unexpected turn, you find yourself accused of the very wrong you just righted!


You’re ordered to report to Antaroth’s Abyss to be judged for your “crime.” And while this is a completely optional assignment, the opportunity to punch some big bosses and clear your name (including a final encounter with some particularly brutal tactics) isn’t one you’ll want to miss.


It’s actually the dungeon’s second boss, Kalioth the Executioner, that really sells Antaroth’s Abyss for me. As a brawler, you’re always in the thick of things, and can take hits no other class can. My popori lancer has spent a lot of time staring at huge BAM feet in his career, and my new popori brawler will need to widen his focus to accommodate the Kalioth’s complex left-and-right attack patterns. Guessing wrong could mean game over for you and your group, but the many defensive options in the brawler’s attack set give you a little more leeway than other tanking classes.

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Retooled for Consoles— Featuring an interface redesigned and optimized for game controllers, TERA offers an immersive MMO experience from the comfort of your living room couch!

There are a few more things to unpack in this update, but being able to combine my “most fun” options like this has me really excited to play a new character. I just hope I can get his ears to flop the right way…