/Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Special Edition Available Now on Xbox

Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Special Edition Available Now on Xbox

While planning the development of Supercross 3, we listened to the feedback of our community and we added several features that fans of the series have been asking for.

First things first, let’s talk about the gameplay. In a sport like Supercross, the bikes spend a lot of time in the air. Thus, after considering what was done in the past and what we wanted for the future, we have been working to deliver a new kind of in-air physics that gives player more freedom and control of what happens during jumps, in order to give them a more fun feeling in the game. This big change we’ve made has big consequences on how the players face all the jumps of the tracks. Trying to keep the momentum going and avoiding bad landings is now crucial for the players if they want to be consistently fast. In Supercross 3 the player can now move the rider around all the three-rotation axis, being able to perform rotations and other kind of movements that in the past weren’t possible. Thanks to this, a more expert player can recreate more spectacular and fluid movements.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

For the single-player, Supercross 3 has all the classic game modes: single race, time attack, championship and career, with all the official tracks, rules and sessions and almost 100 riders of three different categories to choose from. Moreover, for the first time in the series, Official Teams have been added to the game. Having the chance to use a player’s custom rider and join some of the biggest names in the Supercross world has always been one of the most demanded features by our players. This year this request has been satisfied, giving the game a new layer of depth in terms of realism.

Speaking of multiplayer, another request by our players was in the domain of online performance and overall experience. By adding dedicated servers for the game, we are finally offering the players what they have been asking for, an online experience with less latency and disconnections. So, it will be only a matter of skills, no more “I lagged” excuses! This new technology allowed us to experiment with new game modes, such as the new free roaming co-op mode and some other mini-games to play online with friends. Because, you know, sometimes also the pros need to take a break from the heat of the races.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

And what is more relaxing than a reckless race in the sunny landscape of Southern California? In Supercross 3 we have designed a new compound, inspired by the real one used by the bike manufacturers to test their bikes. In addition to the online mini games mentioned above, the players can use this area to prove their skills with five different challenge modes, or to race on seven SX tracks and a MX track.

And if you think you need more tracks, you can always use the track editor to make your own or download one made by other players. With almost 100,000 tracks uploaded in the last installment of the Supercross game, we are sure you will find something to suit your taste also in Supercross 3. We even gave you the ability to turn into sand almost any of the modules of the track editor, so you can really get creative!

Monster Energy Supercross 3

Supercross has always been a predominantly male discipline, but in the last years the number of women between fans and athletes has increased significantly. The Supercross Championship organizers, teaming up with their sponsors, has launched the #MAKEUP2MUD hashtag to promote a series of video episodes focused on spotlighting the many ways women are impacting the world of motocross both on and off the bike. We wanted to embrace this initiative and support all the female fans out there, giving them the opportunity to create their own virtual avatar as a female rider, with a brand-new set of 3D models, animations and customization.

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Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Special Edition Pre-order

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Preorder the Special Edition of the official Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship game and get: the full game, the Season Pass with 9 DLCs, two additional rider and bike customization sets and the exclusive Early Access to access content 4 days before release!

Double your credits at the end of every online and offline race, race with the legends and in a legendary track that made the history of Supercross. Have fun changing your bike’s livery and your rider’s tracksuit with incredible customization items, enjoy the spectacle of the Monster Energy Cup with its set of special rules, customize your game menu showing your loyalty with your favorite bike manufacturer and customize your track editor with new items!