/Control Time as Paladins’ Newest Champion, Today on Xbox One

Control Time as Paladins’ Newest Champion, Today on Xbox One

Paladins’ new Champion, Atlas, the man out of time, joins the Realm today! For the past few months, the team here at Evil Mojo games has been hinting at Atlas’ existence as part of an ongoing lore story that brought the Paladins and the Magistrate to the Shattered Desert. Mysterious portals appeared, radiating an otherworldly power… and bringing Atlas back from the future to stop a dangerous threat.

In Atlas’ future, there is no light. The Realm is lost. Only an all-consuming force known as the Darkness remains.

Atlas was born into this dark future as the son of a legendary Judge. Each day he fought to survive, and each night he found solace in stories of the Realm that was. These stories gave Realmkind hope, but their final stand against the Darkness failed tragically. All hope was lost… but one.

Atlas studied old books of Crystal magic and mastered the control of time. He researched old tales of what started all this, of how the world had fallen. And then Atlas stepped into the past, determined to save the Realm — and stop the Darkness — by changing the course of history.

When you play as Atlas, you’ll feel his mastery of time in every ability. With Stasis Field, you can summon a wall that slows down the enemy team’s bullets and arrows. You can rewind time for yourself… and your opponents. And if things become too grim for Atlas to handle, he can even banish foes from the space-time continuum.

We haven’t even talked about Atlas’s weapon, the Crono-Cannon, which brings future-fantasy technology to the Realm’s present. His incredible gun arm offers four different firing modes that vary with your charge on each shot. Fire a single long-range blast, or a burst of close-range projectiles; You can truly tailor your gameplay style with this Champion!

Atlas isn’t the only new content live in today’s update! The Battle Byte Battle Pass is out now. With over 100 great rewards, this new Battle Pass brings the nostalgia of retro-gaming to the Realm. You’ll earn Battle Pass experience with every game you play, leveling up your Battle Pass and unlocking rewards. Plus: Navigate through pixels on the 8-Bit Speeder Mount — instantly unlocked with purchase of the Battle Byte Battle Pass.

And, of course, this update concludes our multi-patch End Times event. Don’t miss out on the incredible Omega skins and your last chance to play the End Times game mode.

The Future’s End Update brings a lot of exciting new content to Paladins that we hope you’ll love. We’ll see you in the Realm, Champions!