/Reader Discussion – What Game Series Lore Are You Most Versed In?

Reader Discussion – What Game Series Lore Are You Most Versed In?

Kingdom Hearts III is out next week, and it looks like it’s pretty good. The series gets a bad rap for having an overly-complicated storyline, but it has its fans, people who dig into every aspect of its lore, characters, and plot. That can be fun to do; knowing how various events come together, timelines split apart, and more feels good, and showing off the knowledge is a pleasure in its own.

So we want to know: What games series’ lore are you most knowledgeable in? I don’t know that there’s any major franchise I could explain completely, but there are a few that I’m pretty confident: Metal Gear (another series known for its silly convoluted plotline), Advance Wars, the Kill the Past trilogy (some of Grasshopper Manufacture’s earlier games) I think I could talk about in-depth. Maybe Mortal Kombat. I could talk for a while about The Witcher, too, but I’m sure there are people far more versed in it than I am.

What about you? Are you a Kingdom Hearts nut? Have a theory about Zelda’s timelines you think better fits them all together than Nintendo’s official one? Could you please tell me what happens between Resident Evil 2 and 4 so I don’t have to play the games in between? Let us know in the comments.